After Surgery Gift Idea-Canvas Messenger Bag $7.99

One of the amazing products that have received rave reviews is the canvas messenger bag. Women and Men love it’s sturdy, durable construction and that it is truly a multi-use bag.

The canvas messenger bag is an attractive khaki canvas color and boasts substantial metal hardware for the clasps and snaps.

The bag measures 13″H x 13″W x 4″D.

Our messenger bag provides plenty of room with many useful pockets able to hold a cell phone, PDA and all of your personal belongings. Inside zippered pocket provides extra security. The perfect size for a laptop, files or a quick change of clothes for the gym or a hospital stay.

It’s on sale for less than $10. That’s an affordable gift idea that we can work with! Makes an excellent Graduation, Father’s Day or Birthday Gift as well. Add a few magazines, snacks a lotion or balm and you have a gift basket you can send to a friend or loved one that costs less than $50! Thank you CareGifting!

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After Surgery Gift

Sports Injury or Post Op Surgery Gift

Looking for an “After Surgery Gift”? Do you have a friend who is suffering from chronic aches and pains, arthritis, a pulled muscle or sports related injury. Whatever the cause, pain and inflammation are causing them heartache and we have grouped together some great products in this gift basket that will help with healing and make them happy! CareGifting has an After Surgery-Sport Gift Basket that offers exceptional items that will ease their pain and make them feel more comfortable. Call them at 1-800-715-3199 and you can customize the basket to include more food items, different pillow color, etc. Great After Surgery Gift idea!

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Ginger Massage Oil for sore muscles and arthritis

A fabulously fragrant, deeply warming, Poet-Warrior blend rich in fresh, whole plant oils naturally occurring E vitamins, essentail fatty acids and antixoxidants. Ginger, Arnica, and Cayenne Pepper are powerful muscle and joint soothers. These herbal oils are easily absorbed and restorative of body, mind and spirit.


– Warm and soothe sore muscles and joints with Cayenne and Arnica

– Uplifting and stimulating to the mind with Ginger and Lemongrass

– Smoothes and softens skin with Olive, Castor and Jojoba

“Ginger Massage Oil for Muscle Aches and Arthritis”

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After Surgery Gift for an employee or co-worker

If a co-worker, friend or employee is out of office due to illness, injury or surgery you can send them a unique, comforting and humorous after surgery get well gift that shows just how much they are missed at the office.

– The Cubes, Joe’s Cube. This is Joe and everyday he goes to work and sits as a desk surrounded by four walls and works on his computer for 8 hours. It may not be the most exciting job, but Joe likes it just fine. You control Joe and his office set up. Will you make his job satisfying, boring or unbearable. Will he be the office lackey, your fall guy or best pal. It’s all up to you becuase in this office your the boss! Great gift and conversation piece to set up at a work desk or home office.

– Non-slip grip beverage container.

– Badger Sore Muscle Rub cooling blend.

– Find a Word puzzle book for hours or relaxing word finds.

– Badger Highland Mint Lip Balm

– Re-usable tote bag

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Ipad Stand that is ergonomic and eco-friendly

Lap Log

Ipad, eReader, Tablet, Kindle holder. Made from eco-friendly materials. Adjustable to any viewing angle and stable on all surfaces. Send for any occasion, great Mother’s Day gift idea!

•GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Twill •Filled with natural buckwheat hulls •Eco-friendly, removable wooden insert that holds tablet: hand-sanded, locally obtained, repurposed wood, stained with a natural, non-toxic finish •Accessorize with a variety of interchangeable printed sleeves

Customer Reviews

“The Lap Log is our favorite iPad pillow by far. It is, in our opinion, the best iPad accessory money can buy … and the one iPad accessory that no iPad user can do without.” ~

“The Lap Log is perfect! It fits both my iPad and Nook with their cases. Used my lap log last night…..BRILLIANT solution to the aggravation of holding my Nook.” ~ Amy Anderson – Gastonia, N.C.

Washable If you happen to get a little dirt on your Lap Log when you’re at the park, simply remove the wooden insert, dump the natural buckwheat filling into a container, and put your Lap Log into the wash. A hidden zipper allows you to remove the eco-friendly buckwheat hulls to wash the cover.

Flexible The durable bean bag design lets you view your iPad®, Kindle®, Nook® or any tablet or eReader, at almost limitless viewing angles and the buckwheat hulls allow your Lap Log to conform to any surface. Remove the wooden insert, your Lap Log can be used as a comfy travel pillow!


Use your Lap Log in bed, on the couch, sitting at your desk or on the kitchen counter. No straps, Velcro, or clips and it easily adjusts to eliminate glare.

Travel Ready Weighing a little more than a pound, you’ll be able to take your Lap Log anywhere. Light enough to throw in your carry-on, it has the added bonus of doubling as a neck pillow! Going outdoors? Toss it in your backpack and have a convenient and stable stand for your device at the beach or on the trail.

USA Made Each Lap Log is made in America from sustainable materials. Each insert is shaped, sanded, and finished with a non-toxic and natural stain. Every bag is carefully sewn to assure long-lasting durability and filled with USA naturally grown buckwheat hulls.

Eco-Friendly We only use highly sustainable and environmentally sound materials. From the salvaged woods, to the 100% organic cotton fabric. From the eco-friendly buckwheat hull filling, to the 100% recycled shipping materials. We love the earth, and here is a product that will show you do too!

Machine wash, mild soap, cold water and tumble dry.

American Made in S.C. – sweatshop-free

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Gift for a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer

CareGifting has designed this “just right pink” custom gift bag for Breast Cancer awareness. Limited Cancer Gift Baskets will feature this great re-usable canvas bag. Check out our latest unique and comforting Breast Cancer Gift Basket

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Baby Bum Bar gift idea for New Mom

Unique Baby Shower Gift

Have any of you used Moon Valley Organics products? CareGifting offers their Body Heal balm, Lip Treat Balm and this unique and totally adorable “Baby Bum” Bar. What a great Baby Shower gift idea!

The Baby Bum “Bear” Bar is for baby’s bottom. It is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin using only the purest and most nourishing ingredients available like organic red palm oil, which is high in antioxidants and pro-vitamins; chamomile essential oil for its soothing and calming qualities, St Johns Wort and Oregon grape root to provide a protective layer for baby’s tender bum.

There are small soft paper wipes in the cannister to rub the bear on and then you use the wipes on baby’s bottom. You could also rub onto your hands like other baby balm’s and then rub onto the skin. My daughter uses this on her feet, hands and areas that get chaffing. It really is great for kids and they love the bear!

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Gratitude Journal Gift Idea for Hospital

Did you know that just a few minutes of journaling each day has been shown to have a significant positive effect on emotional and physical health.

CareGifting offers inspirational Journals that come with a brief instructional card about the health benefits of journal therapy, and a few tips about how to get started.

Send a journal alone as a great after surgery gift, cancer patient gift, get well gift, sympathy gift, caregiver gift, or add it along with other items from the CareGifting store.

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Get Well Gift for Her, Teens, Kids that will be talked about

We saw this unique gift in a Whole Foods market and had to get them in our CareGifting store.

Not only is it a great gift idea for everyone but it really works to reduce eye fatigue and puffiness. The eye pillow is filled with flax seeds and lavender flowers. It can be used to relieve headaches, puffiness, eye fatigue, sinus pressure and can help you fall asleep. We are using these every night and noticing the effects of the pillow immediately. Our eyes feel completely refreshed when the pillow is cooled in the freezer.

This pillow was sent to a grandmother when she was in the hospital having hip surgery. Hospitals are busy places and very light filled so having a little scented, snuggly eye pillow to place over the eyes during rest periods was so beneficial to her recovery. The bunny was always on her bedside table and was quite a conversation piece with visitors, doctors and nurses.

The pillow can also be warmed in the microwave to snuggle with at bed time or movie time. Kids love these a little toasty warm and left on the pillow right before they crawl into bed. Sweet Dreams!

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CareGifting recommends this gift for New Moms and Dads

As studies show and parents can attest, baby massage can encourage bonding between parents and children, soothe fussiness, and even encourage growth. The benefits of Baby Massage are by now well known – the real question that remains for parents is: How exactly do I do it?

Written by an experienced baby massage therapist (and parent), this guide shows parents how to massage their babies with love and tenderness.

Helpful photographs demonstrate the precise placement of the hands and easy-to-follow instructions explain the benefits of massage for legs, arms, and bodies.

Special massages are included to calm your baby to sleep, comfort fussing, relieve tummy troubles, and relax your baby after a bath.

The stand-up format will allow parents to follow the instructions while keeping their hands free to interact with their babies.

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